Jason (dreammaker182) wrote in lookfindfree,

Light Grenades!!!

Well the UPS truck came late, but I finally got my Light Grenades album yesterday! I listened to it 2 1/2 times in a row and I think that it's really awesome. My favorite songs now are "Light Grenades", Paper Shoes, and Love Hurts. I was also a bit shocked that this album is squeaky clean. I guess Incubus likes to do clean then not so clean albums one after the other. You can tell that Brandon's singing style has changed for good (compared to MYS)... I liked the sound that they used in "Light Grenades" and I really like the "Earth to Bella" songs. The guitar parts seem to be low in volume compared to ACLOTM. I kind of wish that they would have included "Inspiration" and some other stuff from StealthI also liked the artwork that accompanied the songs in the lyric sheet. I'm glad I pre-ordered because I am sure that the music stores are going to run out around lunch time today.
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