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Make a Move!

Has anyone heard anything about the up coming album? Anyway, as you may know "Make a Move" from "Stealth" will be coming out on the sound track on the 12th and the movie itself will be out on the 29th. I just saw the video for "Make a Move"! It was ok and if you get a good look at Brandon's sleeve, you'll notice that it says "food not bombs", of course it could pertain to the movie and other things... I really felt like the guys decided to revisit the warmth and harmony of "Morning View" but with some of the strenght of "Make Yourself". But it has an ACLOTM undertone. It's pretty good. I also felt that it would probably get some radio play! Incubus hasn't had any real radio play in a while, but this song is mellow enough to make it to TRL possibly. I didn't think taht it was too soft, but about as soft as Morning View over all, so it isn't a complete 180.

I hope that the next album has melodic pieces like this one but with a few really hard hitting songs with deep lyrics. I just hope they don't go pop (I doubt they will)! I'll definately play their new stuff at the student station at my college!

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PS: Can anyone tell me if they have a release date out for the next album?!
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